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Noise Annoys:

Replacing A Rear Wheel Bearing On A 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe AWD

When the "tire noise" coming from the rear end got a lot louder, it became obvious that the wheel bearing was the problem. With 150,000 miles, it's no surprise to have a wheel bearing lose all its grease and start to groan.

Rebuilding An Engine:
Engine rebuild.

Fixing A Major Engine Problem:

Rebuilding A GM 4.3 V6 Engine
To Fix A Rod Knock

A while back my 1999 GMC Jimmy developed a connecting rod knock. The car was too valuable to send to the boneyard, but with a book value of $3,000, it wasn't worth enough to justify a remanufactured engine. And a used engine from a salvage yard seemed risky.

Car Repairs:
Replace rear shocks.

Replace Shock Absorbers On A 1999 GMC Jimmy or Chevy Blazer

When shocks leak oil or let the vehicle bounce excessively on bumps, it's time to replace them.



Dodge truck water pump, 1993 Dakota.

Replacing The Water Pump On A Dodge Truck With 3.9 V6 Or 5.2 V8

When the water pump bearing started making noise, it was just a matter of time before coolant leaked all over the place. For $50 I replaced the water pump on this old Dodge Dakota.


Broken air temp blend door.

Replacing The Air Temperature Blend Door On A 2006 Chevy Equinox

When the heat stopped working, we discovered the problem was a broken plastic "flapper" buried deep inside the dash. The repair involved removing almost the entire dashboard. It was a long job, but not difficult.

Small Engines:
Replace friction material on a snowblower drive unit.

Replacing The Friction Wheel "Rubber"
On A Craftsman Or MTD Snowblower

Stalling Out: For the past year this snowblower would just stop moving when it met heavy snow. Turns out, it just needed a new rubber "donut".


Replace the drive plate on a snowblower.

Replace The Drive Plate On A Snowblower:

This metal disc can get gouged when the friction wheel rubber gets worn away. Early maintenance would've saved this part.


Snowblower drive unit clutch cable.

Replace A Broken Drive Clutch Cable:

There is a hook on the end of a spring that pulls the drive plate into the friction wheel and makes the wheels turn. After years of frequent rubbing, the steel wire wore away and the hook broke.

Replacing the cable was quick and easy.











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